2017-18 Idaho School of Massage Payment & Policy Options

Tuition Payment:
ISMT does not accept any Federal student aid monies. We are a small certificate-granting school and as such we arrange all payment plans in-house on a pay-as-you-go basis. Alternatively, State funds may be available through Job Service or Vocational Rehabilitation and military personnel or their spouses may qualify for funding through the Veteran's Administration; check on your eligibility.

Tuition fees are not paid up front or in advance of classes. Tuition fees do not include books or supplies.

Students pay for classes on a "pay as you go" basis, tuition is not prepaid:
½ and ½ (pay ½ Class tuition at the ½ point and remaing ½ at the end of each class) Failure to have class tuition paid in full at class end will result in an "Incomplete", no credit given and will significantly compromise your continued enrollment status with this school. If you find that you are not happy with the course work, the setting, the method, school or the teacher and you choose to "drop/withdraw" before the ½ point in your class, then you will have saved yourself wasted time AND money.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Consider this official notice that certifications and transcripts can and will be held back if tuition and/or fees are owed the school. Cancellation, withdrawal and dropped classes occur only when the student provides to the school a written, dated notice (not a text or Voice message) of intent to drop stated class(es.)

  • Withdrawals/drops having attended 0-49% of a class: no refund or tuition is owed, No credit is given.
  • Withdrawals/drops having attended 50% - 59% of a class: Tuition is owed for class transpiring up to receipt of written drop notice, calculated at $15.81/class-hour.
  • Withdrawals/drops having attended 60% - 89% of a class: Tuition is owed at $20/class-hour.

As tuition is not prepaid Refunds are not applicable. Application fee is non-refundable. Books, supplies and insurance are non-refundable, as these are course related costs and the responsibility of students.

Total Payments
Following is the tuition total for classes comprising the 625-hr.

Massage Therapist Certification:

  • All tuition PAYMENTS total $8,300
  • Application/Registration Fee is $ 100, non-refundable, and not included in tuition.
  • Each student shall obtain their own Student insurance (at their own expense.)
  • Students obtain their own books and supplies. Books/supplies are not included in the tuition.

Students shall not miss more than 10% of their classes. Makeup time is available with your instructor, by appointment. 1 hour of Makeup = 3 hours of classroom time and is available at a cost of $25/hr. Class Credit given upon completion w/passing grade and fees paid.

Transfer Credit
Transfer Credit is available for most classes that are "substantially equivalent" in both hours and content. Business/Professional Ethics is non-transferrable. Student Clinic is non-transferrable. Inquire about course "Challenge" if you wish: a fee of $25/course applies. Classes may be taken "a la Carte" if needed to complete a certification started elsewhere.

Contact: ismtclangston@cableone.net (208) 342-3430 text or voice mail if in session/class.