2020-21 Tuition, Cancellation and Attendance Policy

Tuition Payments and Refunds

ISMT does not accept any Federal student aid monies. We accept tuition payments on a pay-as-you-go or class-by-class basis. Alternatively, State funds may be available through Job Service or Vocational Rehabilitation and military personnel or their spouses may qualify for funding through the Veteran’s Administration, GI benefits; check on your eligibility. Tuition fees are not paid up front or in advance of classes therefore refunds do not apply. Tuition fees do not include books and/or supplies. Student obtains these separately.

Class tuition payments on a “pay as you go” or class-by class basis, as follows:

  • ½ and ½: 50% of tuition is due at the ½ and end point of each class.
  • See Day or Evening Class Schedule, “Class Payments” for details.

A student that follows the schedule of classes and payments will complete the program with no outstanding debt to the school.

Cancellation, Withdrawal, or Dropped Classes

A student may “drop” or “withdraw” from a class in writing before the ½ point of class transpires; thus voiding the class, and incurring no tuition. Withdrawal from a class beyond this point (50% or greater) will incur tuition fees though zero credit hours accrue and is effective on the date and time of receipt of written or emailed official notification, not the date of last class attendance.

  • Withdrawals/drops at 0%-49 % of a class: No tuition is owed.
  • Withdrawals/drops at 50% - 59% of a class: Tuition is owed for class transpiring up to receipt of written drop notice, calculated at $15.81/class-hour.
  • Withdrawals/drops at 60% - 89% of a class: Tuition is owed, at $20/class-hour.

Supply costs are non-refundable. Consider this official notice that certifications and transcripts can and will be held back if tuition and/or fees are owed the school.

TOTAL Tuition PAYMENTS: for classes comprising the 635-hr.
Massage Program Certification: All tuition PAYMENTS total $ 8,300

$100 Application/Registration Fee is, non-refundable, and not included in tuition. Each student shall obtain and show proof of Student insurance (through massage trade associations: AMTA, AMBP, or equivalent at their own expense.) See Admission Requirements. Students obtain their own books and supplies. Books/supplies are not included in the tuition.

Attendance: Students shall not miss more than 10% of class. Makeup time is available when 60% or more class attended, with your instructor, by appointment. 1 hour of Makeup = 3 hours of classroom time and is available at a cost of $25/hr. 70% or higher minimum competency for class credit, given upon completion when applicable tuition and/or fees are paid in full.

“Work-off” a portion of your tuition doing supervised Student Clinic massage beyond 110 hr requirement. See Student Clinic Syllabus for details, some restrictions apply.

Transfer Credit may be available for classes “substantially equivalent.” Course transcripts and syllabus required. Business I/Ethics and Student Clinic are non-transferable. We cannot guarantee transfer of credit to any other schools. Inquire about course “Challenge”: a fee of $25/course applies. Courses may be taken individually with completion of the admission process in its entirety. See Admission Requirements. Contact ISMT: (208) 342-3430, also (208) 343-1847; email: ismtclinic@gmail.com Ask about our next Open House. Interviews/tours by appointment only. Schedule your admission interview today!

Students Enroll/Register in person at the specified date/time for each trimester.