Idaho School of Massage Therapy in Meridian, Idaho

The Massage Therapy program offered at the Idaho School of Massage under the direction of Cynthia Langston Mason is structured to meet the needs of new students and existing therapists who are seeking to add to or obtain their educational hours to meet State Massage Licensing requirements.

The 635-hour Massage Therapy Program exceeds Idaho's 500-hour minimum education requirement, takes about 10 months to complete and is conveniently offered days and evenings. Idaho School of Massage Therapy is registered with Idaho State Board of Education, is not accredited and therefore does not qualify for federal student loan programs. Unlike most schools today tuition is on a "Pay as You Go" basis with one half of the course tuition collected at the half way point and the other half collected at the end, allowing students to see if this school is a good fit before tuition is paid. See catalog for details.

Our Mission

To provide a consistent educational environment that facilitates the development of massage therapists who are well versed in both western and eastern models of manual therapy and clinical bodywork.

Contact Information

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