Massage Therapy - Class Schedules

With over 35 years of clinical and academic experience under its hands, the Idaho School of Massage Therapy (ISMT) offers a non-accredited Massage program with both a holistic and medical emphasis. We recognize a need and growing market for knowledgeable, skillful graduates who also possess the “trifecta” of attributes for success in massage therapy: professionalism, a business plan and communication skills. We offer students day and evening classes and a Massage Program that exceeds Idaho’s massage Licensing requirements. (See for details.) Be advised that Massage Licensing requirements vary by state.

On September 1, 2016, two businesses join as one in Meridian: ISMT and Three Oaks Academy and Integrative Therapy clinic merged campus and clinic. Located next to Idaho Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, close to the Eagle exit, ISMT’s comprehensive curriculum continues to be an ideal balance of clinical and wellness applications from relaxation to rehabilitation. Our massage program is registered with the Idaho State Board of Education, and taught by experienced, qualified faculty who focus on the skills and competencies necessary for the safe and effective delivery of therapeutic massage and bodywork. The Western coursework builds upon the fundamentals of Swedish techniques, and clinical massage therapy skills with a solid base of sciences while the Eastern coursework (Asian and Reflexology) holistically provide the energetic aspect. The allied modalities of Craniosacral, Lymphatic facilitation, Visceral and Geriatric massage emphasize effective, yet gentle, complementary therapies for both wellness and treatment models.

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Date Courses Hours
Trimester A
September 9 - December 9 2019
Open House: 8/9/19 12pm
Registration / Orientation: August 8, 2018
Anatomy (48), Physiology (48)
Swedish (36), Bodywork 101(36)
Business I/Ethics (28), Hydrotherapy (12)
Student Clinic
Total Hours - 253 hrs
Trimester B
January 6 - April 9, 2020
Open House: 12/6/19 4:30pm
Registration / Orientation: December 13, 2019
Bodywork 102 (55), Research Literacy (6)
Business II, & Record keeping (SOAP)
Student Clinic
Movement (10) & First Aid/CPR (8)
Total Hours - 234 hrs
Trimester C
April 27-June 30, 2020
Open House: 4/8/20 12pm
Registration / Orientation: April 11, 2020
Reflexology (15), Asian bodywork (33)
Geriatric massage (12), Craniosacral (12)
Sports (12), Lymphatic facilitation (12)
Student Clinic (24) w/Case Studies (16)
Visceral massage (12)
Total Hours - 148 hrs
Massage Therapy Program Approximately 10 months to complete this schedule. Supplies and Books additional $800 estimate only. Tuition $8,300
635 Hours
Massage Therapy Program +Add-On: Connective Tissue Bodywork 55 hours July 7 – August 23, 2020 Tuition $9,125
690 Hours