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The Idaho School of Massage Therapy is a private for-profit vocational training facility with two locations; Meridian and Boise. Meridian holds its classes in the evenings, Monday through Thursday, from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Boise has day and evening classes. The full program takes 10-months, but you may need longer. Students are required to participate in our Student Clinic, held two Sundays per month in Meridian location (alternate times available in Boise.)

Meridian Location
3551 E. Overland Rd. in Meridian, Idaho 83642 inside Idaho Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Some classes are conjoined with the Boise campus.

Boise location
Three Oaks Academy 211 West State Street in Boise. See for more information about this campus.

All graduates get equal access to Job placement assistance, though it must be said that ALL massage therapists, regardless of school of origin are self-placed, whether in a spa or clinical setting, private or partnership practice. This is why ISMT Professionalism courses require each student to design, turn in and implement a functional and comprehensive business plan.

School Philosophy

Research shows touch to be as necessary to wellness as breath, water and food. We believe NOW is the time to weave intentional touch therapy back into the fabric of our health care system. Massage is complementary to every other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual therapy and skilled practitioners of this art and science are joining the ranks of licensed health care providers as a growing industry in nearly every state in the U.S.

Massage Therapist Certifications

Massage Therapist Certification

Cost does not include texts, linens, & lotion or Application Fee

It includes:
The Core sciences totaling 180 hours, made up of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology and Research Literacy. This meets the science curriculum requirements for eligibility to sit for the National Certification Examination. Also, ISMT teaches distinct technique styles spanning Western and Eastern Theory and Practice totaling 247 hours: Swedish Massage, Seated Chair massage, Connective Tissue Bodywork, Clinical Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial release, Sports Massage and Hydrotherapy, Visceral massage, Lymphatic facilitation, Geriatric massage, Cranio-sacral technique, Asian Integrated Bodywork and Reflexology. 70 hours of Business classes include Ethics and Professionalism, as well as Record Keeping. In addition, each student must complete 110 Practical Clinic hours as well as 8 hours of First aid/CPR, and 20 hours of Movement and Meditation studies to receive their certification. Some classes will be held outside of regular class time.

As massage therapy is both an art and a science and requires both a clinical and in intuitive component, Movement studies help students with the "right-brain" activities. Modalities include but are not limited to meditation, breath work, journaling, tai chi, qi-gong, and yoga. Some students will find this aspect of the training "harder" than the memorization- heavy science classes, others will have just the opposite experience. It is our goal to turn out students with skill sets on both sides of their brain.

Trimester A starts the first full week in September and totals 253 classroom hours. Trimester B starts the first full week in January and totals 234 classroom hours. Trimester C starts the last week in April and totals 148 classroom hours.

It is recommended that students start in September. Classes taken on an individual basis or out of the recommended order may not be ideal for beginning students, but can be perfect for existing therapists needing a few more classes for licensing purposes.

Admission Requirements

Idaho School of Massage Therapy

Idaho School of Massage Therapy
3551 E Overland Rd
Meridian, Idaho 83642
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Telephone: 208 343 1847

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