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With over 30 years of Idaho-owned experience under our hands, the Idaho School of Massage Therapy gives you a vocational training designed and built to succeed. We recognize a need and a growing market for knowledgeable and skillful graduates who also possess the "trifecta" of attributes for success in massage therapy: stamina, a thorough business plan and compassionate communication. Currently Idaho requires a license to practice Massage Therapy. Existing Massage Therapists have several options until July 1, 2014, but new therapists will need at least 500 hours in-class and a board approved Licensing exam to practice Massage Therapy in the state of Idaho.

The holder of an ISMT Massage Therapist Certification will have exceeded Idaho's minimum standard, but perhaps not the requirements of other states. However, with either 635 -hour or 690-hour programs, you can find one that is right for your schedule and budget. Both programs are 100% in-class supervised trainings with a solid 170 -hour core of sciences and 9 different styles of massage; harmoniously covering western AND eastern modalities. Individual classes are a great option if you are not sure whether this healing art and skilled manual science is for you.

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Date Courses Hours
Trimester A
September 12-December 20, 2016
Student Orientation: August 26, 2016
Anatomy (48), Physiology (48)
Swedish (36), Bodywork 101(36)
Business I/Ethics (28), Hydrotherapy (12)
Student Clinic
Total Hours - 253 hrs
Trimester B
January 2-April 6, 2017
Student Orientation: December 10, 2016
Bodywork 102 (55), Research Literacy (6)
Business II, & Record keeping (SOAP)
Student Clinic
Movement (10) & First Aid/CPR (8)
Total Hours - 234 hrs
Trimester C
April 24-June 27, 2017
Student Orientation: April 22, 2017
Reflexology (15), Asian bodywork (33)
Geriatric massage (12), Craniosacral (12)
Sports (12), Lymphatic facilitation (12)
Student Clinic (24) w/Case Studies (16)
Visceral massage (12)
Total Hours - 148 hrs
635-hr Massage Therapist
690-hr Massage Therapist
Trimester A,B & C (635 hours)
w/extra Conn. Tissue bodywork (55 hrs.)
Available "ala carte" July 21-Aug 12, 2015
Tuition $8,300
Tuition $9,125
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